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Who We Are

Our Story Starts with Bishop Herbert Kiwanuka

Began in 2011, Glory SACCO Ltd idea was conceived by Bishop Herbert Kiwanuka of Glory of Christ Ministries from the desire and passion to help people especially the poor and unprivileged. “I always wanted to help people but didn’t know how” Said Bishop Herbert. Until one day when we had an urgent financial need that pushed us to borrow money from one of the existing commercial banks in Uganda.

The idea of forming a SACCO came into bishop's heart. "I believed that the community could pool funds and then benefit from that pool. I shared the idea with the church administrator and the church elders. I didn’t have the banking skills but God reminded me as he did to Moses of the Bible that amongst the people in our community, there were people talented with different skills including the banking skills. I then called for a meeting with the people who worked in the banking sector. When these people came together, they embraced the vision and came up with ideas that brought it to reality. They laid a foundation for a start and now, the SACCO is on."

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Our Core Values


Transparency and Accountability


Health Relations & Professionalism


Respect for one another


Unity of purpose


Team work

At Glory Savings and Credit, we know that the best way to revitalize local economies is to support the entrepreneurial energy and skills that are in existence.

That is why we work with a developing community of like-minded entrepreneurs, giving them the tools and skills they need to grow successful businesses. When they succeed, they not only generate income for their families, but also create a big change in the country through payment of taxes. In fact, if just one in three small business owners hired one additional employee our country would be at full employment.

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