GLORY SACCO bought land in virgin places of Kakiri Wakiso and sub-divided it into plots (KITEREDDE and KAWALIRA estates) which are sold to members as a way of having planned residence for our members. This particular products has helped our members even those who never thought of having land to acquire land as they pay in affordable installments (This product is under Taka Loan).

Kiteredde - Kakiri Estate

  1. - 2.0km from Kakiri Town
  2. Cash 10,000,000 Uganda Shillings
  3. On Loan based not exceeding one year = 12,000,000 Uganda Shillings
  4. Installment for every month = 1,166,700 Uganda Shillings

Loan facility for this product is available: For more inform visit us at Glory House along Kasubi - Kawaala Road