Why Glory SACCO?

Customer Value Proposition

  1. Fastest services
  2. Fairest charges
  3. Friendliest relationship
  4. Service of high quality.

Our Product Offering

  1. Loan products
  2. Savings products
  3. Investment Products

Why become a Glory SACCO member?

  1. No monthly charges,
  2. Good interests on fixed deposits,
  3. A vehicle to saving into your future,
  4. Sense of ownership and control; you become a member and a shareholder,
  5. Good returns to your investment-shares/deposits,
  6. Wide range of affordable credit facilities,
  7. Excellent customer service with free financial advice,
  8. Funds are well managed and invested,
  9. Good leaders who are professional in their various capacities,
  10. In case of member’s death, their outstanding loans will be paid fully by our insurer. We will refund to your nominated next of kin your accumulated savings and interest thereon.